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History & Philosophy


Founded in 1982, Cloverleaf acquires, syndicates, and manages commercial real estate properties in the Midwest.
We have broad experience with a variety of asset types, including a special focus on “value-add” investments. Our present holdings include retail/service and medical properties. A generational company, Cloverleaf is run by co-principals Michael Basofin and Jonathan Basofin. Please click here to learn more about Cloverleaf’s team.

Cloverleaf’s ownership invests significantly in our projects, in the same class as all other investors.
The owners of Cloverleaf, along with our Advisory Committee members and families, historically have the largest collective stake in our Funds, on the same terms as our other investors. Therefore, we share a common goal.

Cloverleaf’s investments employ a low-leverage financing structure.
We typically finance our assets with no more than approximately 50-60% loan-to-value. This model provides an added safety margin and has contributed to our record of consistent and reliable performance across a range of markets. Cloverleaf is well-known and respected in the marketplace and can obtain nonrecourse financing, even in challenging lending environments. As a result, sellers, receivers, and the brokerage community seek us out for our predictability in closing.

Cloverleaf manages only its own properties, taking a hands-on approach to leasing and management.
Our attentive management and leasing approach is a critical component to creating value in our investments. Cloverleaf views its tenants as clients. Our team goes above and beyond what most third-party, fee-based management companies would do because we have a direct interest in the results.

Cloverleaf’s status reports are straightforward and all Schedule K-1s are distributed timely.
We strive to make investing with Cloverleaf simple; this includes our reporting. Our status letters—which are sent, at minimum, quarterly—are standardized and drafted with an eye towards objectivity, consistency, and clarity. Additionally, we send almost all Schedule K-1s by the end of February.

Cloverleaf’s performance results display a proven and consistent record of success.
We take our financial responsibility to our investors seriously, consistently seeking opportunities to maximize returns without exposure to undue risk. We are proud of our results, as well as our number of repeat investors, many of whom—including second and third generation families—have been investing with Cloverleaf for decades.